How to Clean Check Scanners

How to Clean Other Check Scanners

Cleaning Card Technology - Check / Document Scanners

EZ Check Scanner Kit

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Approved for:
cleaning check scanners for Panini,
and Seac Banche
use only approved product

Other Check Scanner
Cleaning Suggestions:

Check Scanner Cleaning Card

Check Scanner Cleaning Card
Clean your check scanners

SNAP Swabs IPA Filled Reservoir Handle

SNAP Swabs
Clean keyboards, keypads, etc.

LCD, Plasma, iPad, iPhone Screen Wipes

LCD, Plasma, iPad, iPhone Screen Wipes
Clean screens of all types

Check Scanner Cleaning Kit

K2-KCIS - 25 Cleanings per Kit

Use this product on Check Scanners (for Panini, Epson, Canon and Seac Banche only use the approved product)

This cleaning kit is designed to clean a variety of check scanner makes and models. As the check scanner cleaning card moves through the scanner's paper path, it will clean the sensitive magnetic heads, lenses and transport rollers. Use this product once per week or after 2,000 checks scanned.

  • 25 - EZ Check Scanner Cleaning Card K2-CIB25
  • 6 - SNAP Swabs 4" / 101.6mm IPA Filled Reservoir Handle – individual part number K2-SPSB25

See Approved product for specific models:
Epson CaptureOne
Epson TM-J9000
Seac Banche CM3000
Seac Banche SB4000 / RDS3000

See other Check Scanner Products


Watch the video: How to Clean a Check or Document Scanner with a Check Scanner Cleaning Card

1. To clean the magnetic head and lens plate: Insert cleaning card into hopper as you would a standard check, choose scan cycle and allow card to pass through the scanner. Reuse by flipping card top to bottom and repeating the process.
2. To clean the drive rollers: choose scan cycle while holding onto the trailing edge of the card.
3. Repeat if necessary.

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